Using an open source methodology this blog endeavors to create a single "monologue" via the input of multiple users. The blog is open to all users who wish to contribute to the existing text, simply carriying on from where the previous user left off. All collaborators are however encouraged to keep in mind that the piece is to be realized as a spoken monologue and are asked to remain in the first person, other than this you are free to shoot off in any direction you wish.

Once the necessary text is complete it will then be translated into script form and narrated by an actor/actress. Once the dialogue is recorded and complete I will begin the sound design process, which is likely to include incidental and not so incidental sounds.

The blog will remain active and open for collaborators to expand upon until it reaches the 4000 word count.

Just scroll down to contribute.

The final work will be completed in both surround sound and stereo formats and distributed to various radio stations as well posted on various websites/blogs. If you have any further questions or would like to receive a copy of the piece please email me at: